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Homework Help: The errors leading to the discrepancies between q-value

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    I operated an experiment to find out the Q-factor of the LCR circuit. I worked out the q-value using three methods:

    1. Q=1/R*sqr(L/C) where R=the total resistance of the circuit>>Q= 14.98

    2. Q= Vc/Vr where Vc is the voltage across the capacitor and Vr is the voltage across the total resistance>> Q= 13.4-15.44

    3. Q= Fr/(F1-F2) where Fr is the resonant F1,F2 are the frequencies when the voltage across the resistor falls to 1/sqr2 of its max.>> Q=7.5-23.1

    Unluckily, there are discrepancies between the values found. I want to know what the errors are leading to the discrepancies
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