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The fantasy of Time Travel .

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    The fantasy of "Time Travel".

    The discussion of time travel into the past is science fiction at its best. To think there is any way to stop the flow of the universe into the future, then make it flow in reverse just for human amusement, is fantasible.

    How can one travel back in time to a past that no longer exists. The Universe that existed when I started this post has changed 100% into what has past once more. There is no past except in memory. E=mc^2 is in constant flow and is only futuristic in nature. For those in science, the "uncertainty principle" shows that all matter is fleeting in nature and never distinct.

    Time travel into the future is possible through the changing of perspective, by speed, with no past to return to. There is only a flow into the future. There is no now, only future, so how can one travel back to something that is only passing in nature and never distinct in being.
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    If time is actually a forth spatial dimension, then the past, present, and future co-exist and it is only the temporal limitation of thought that does not allow us to perceive all of the forth dimension at once. This would also explain why we can exchange space for time and vice versa, because in reality we are just trading our view of one spatial dimension for a better one of another.

    If so, then we could travel into the past but not change the past. For example, I could travel into my own past and save the life of myself as a child. I could not travel back in time and kill myself because, obviously, I did not do so. No matter how hard I might try to do so, evidently I failed. Just as evidently, I did save my own life just as I remember doing. No matter how much I travel into my own past and participate in my past, I cannot change my own past.

    This also means that the more I learn about my own future, the less choice I apparently have in the matter. In reality, of course, it seems I may have no choice whatsoever no matter what I do, because the passage of time is an illusion and my entire life is fated.

    Is that clear enough?
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    Time is not a fourth spatial dimension.
    Its role in the space-time is radically different from the role of space there.
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    Well Wuliheron your post is the fantasy I am talking about. It is very hard to reply to your statement because it is a play on words. But I will try.

    The Math on the Evolution of The Universe is futuristic in Nature. Just because you can move the Math in reverse in your Mind, does not make it real. Its like taking the Math on a ball rolling down a hill, reversing the equations, and then saying the ball rolled up the hill.

    Dimensions are the templates evolution flows through, not subways for us to travel on. You say that you traveled back into time to see yourself, in your Mind. Well that is different then taking the trillion or so cells that make you, back in Time.
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    Time traveling into the future was once considered a fantasy, but it is now a reality. All it required was the machinery that makes it possible, just as a microwave does what was considered impossible by cooking a baked potatoe in five minutes flat. If time travel into the past is possible, it very well may first require the machinery, and it may very well be impossible to travel further back in time than the day this machinery is first turned on.

    To assert without evidence that this is merely a fantasy is absurd in light of the evidence to date. I will wait for the fat lady to sing before passing final judgment, as any objective person would.
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    Would you mind giving us some evidence for this assertion? Where does this machinery now reside?
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    E=MCC is the evidence, it is a theory with a hundred years of evidence to support its validity. Every particle accelerator on the planet takes advantage of this theory to slow down the interactions of particles so they can be photographed in slow motion. Every communications and navigation satelite in orbit must compensate for the time dilation effect of general relativity, and the astronauts who came back from the moon are now three minutes younger than if they had stayed on the earth, and when astronauts go to mars the difference will become more noticable on a human scale.
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