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The magnetic component of electromagnetism

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    May a magnetic field exist w/o electricity? Yes, as lodestone shows us but where is the electricity? Electricity generates magnetism with it. So where is the electricity with lodestone?
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    Also, if the wavelength of the electromagnetic standing wave yields a particular characteristic frequency(HZ), does this characterize both the electrical and the magnetic component? In other words, do we ascribe Hz to the magnetic component and use that to characterize the magnetic field created?
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    You can have magnetism without electricity, but you won't find magnetism without an electric field. They're attached at the hip.

    In a vacuum knowing the properties of one or the other component of electromagnetism tells you what you need to know about the other, though you need more than the frequency to do it. In materials, not so much. (Edit: Unless you know everything you need to know about the material, I suppose.)
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