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The measurement of current in electrical appliance

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    As we all know, the current should be measured in series with the multimeter....
    However, how do we connect the multimeter in series with home appliance without damaging the wire(plug)??
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    You don't do that at all with a multimeter. There are dangerous voltages inside appliances connected to the mains and you could easily kill yourself.
    Apart from the danger, most cheap multimeters don't measure AC current.

    If you want to know the current an appliance uses, read the wattage from the plate that is usually fixed to the side or bottom of appliances.

    Then divide the power by the mains voltage in your area and that will give you the current.

    You can buy plug-in devices which can be placed in a mains socket and have various appliances plugged into them. Then you can safely read the current, voltage, power, power factor, power usage, power cost and other functions depending on the unit.
    I have one and I think it cost about $40
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