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The mind

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    Let's use the analogy of the brain and mind with the computer and its software. We know that the physical brain is the product of evolution and genetics. What then can we say about the mind (software), it's origins and it's development?
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    As far as I can tell, the consensus in the scientific community and the evidence suggests that mind = brain, so the mind would therefore also be a product of evolution, genetics and environment. Anyone who wish to suggest that the mind is something more or other than the brain would of course have a heavy burden of evidence in this context.
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    Let's call the software a virus. An adaptable virus that will do anything to survive and to propogate it's code as much as possible. (I think I've watched the Matrix too many times).

    If brains were computers and the mind was the software, I'd be a 486 running windows 3.1 and hoping that the next user would upgrade my floppy to a stiffy...drive. :tongue:
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    It's is development by our knowledge breadth and deepth.step by step.
    The physical brain like the knowledge we already detected.
    the main is our explore ability in the unknow space.
    the ability is different of the software.It's high than software.
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    You might read Steven Piunker's "HOw the Mind works" to get an idea
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