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The Odyssey Years

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    By DAVID BROOKS, Op-Ed Columnist, October 9, 2007
    I am hoping for the day that my children are fully independent and on their own - voluntarily. They don't have to get married or start a family, but having their own place and being economically self-sufficient are my expectations.
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    The odyssey thing is interesting, but I don't understand why there is a jump from adulthood to old age. Being middle aged I am too old for some adult milestones like starting a family, but too young to be classified as being in "old age."

    Anyway, the "Odyssey Years" are clearly the result of the widespread use of street drugs, especially pot. Life is about "chillin'", taking it easy. If you have any big plans they are for this movie you want to write, the "graphic novel" you might draw, the video game you want to put together, or maybe for a CD you want to cut with your buds in the garage band. Not so far fetched: a laptop and the right software is nearly as good as having superpowers. But let's chill and smoke another doobie before we get to work.
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