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The perfection of the wave

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    The more I think about a sine wave or a circle which are basically the same thing. The more I start to believe in how perfect they describe everything. I've taken a lot of physics so I understand sound waves, EM waves, Schroedinger's waves... etc It just seems to me that everything in life can be related to a wave. Good and evil, more and less, max and min, matter and antimatter. How the planets and gravity pull the planets as once called "the harmony of the spheres". Just the balanced wave represents how humans should live and how we should think. Balancing your life in every aspect of personality and activities seems to be the greatest thing for your life. I would go as far as to say any philosopher or physicist that would rule a country (or share) would have a flag with a wave on it!
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    Big jump in logic between an equation and 'how humans should live'.
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    I've noticed very similar things (the sine/circle thing), and how waves/vibrations/oscillations show up everywhere. We can conceive of cycles in terms of waves too and map them out as such--e.g., the seasons could be represented as a wave with winter being the low peak, spring being the ascending x-intercept, summer the high peak, and fall the descending x-intercept. Cycles appear virtually everywhere in life (night and day, breathing, heart pumping, circadian rhythms, etc.), and (with a bit of an imaginative stretch), we can conceive of them as waves.

    But are waves perfect? Should we venerate them? I'm not so sure that follows simply from their prevalence.
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