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The philosophy of Social Realism

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    Do you think that the "ultimate reality of existence" will be related to or will have a social theme?

    By "reality" I mean in terms of the ultimate source of causation of the things we see today as reality.

    I apologize for my english if it is difficult to understand.
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    Your english is pretty good so far. :0)

    I would say the ultimate reality of existence is related to social themes, but then it is also related to physics and personal introspection as well. It's related to social themes because we obviously learn so much about reality socially, but often what we learn is just dead wrong or over simplified. The earth is not flat and doesn't ride on the back of a giant turtle for example.

    What the vast majority of social teachings on how to best understand the ultimate reality agree on is the need for acceptance or surrender on a personal level.
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    Greetings Mohaamad !

    Welcome to PF ! :smile:
    Even if it exists at all, it is extremely unlikely
    that we will ever be able to know it. So, I think
    this is much like those - "What if I trevelled at
    the speed of light... ?" questions. Nevertheless,
    if what we inffered from our observation data so far
    has any validity for such a hypothetical case, then
    the answer seems to more likely be negative, for now.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Our reality as humans is a human, social reality, undoubtly.
    But what do you mean with "ultimate reality of existence"?
    Wether or not that is socially defined?

    I think that we as humans are bound to our social relations, and that also our (philosophical) ideas, reflect on our social reality.

    It does matter for your philosophical notions, wether or not you have a priviliged position in society or not.
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