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The production of LEDs using PLD

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    I am curios about the production process of LEDs, particularly using the method of growing the crystal using CVD.

    I am not exactly sure where the best place is to start but here goes my first question. The refraction of SiC is as such that the light gets largely reflected back into the diode. What material is usually used to interface with the diode to reduce these characteristics?


    Can materials like borosilicate glass be used to optically interface the diode and be deposited via PLD?

    Can a good LED be grown using PLD by using a mask rather then dicing?
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    Hi Ray, I would normally move this to the Homework Help forums, but I believe that this is for self-study on your part, and it is a fairly involved subject, so I'll leave it here in EE for now.

    But I do want you to show some of your own work and research into these questions, before we give you hints to the questions. So, can you please tell us more about what you have learned so far in this subject area? Where did you get the questions that you copied above? Have you found some good info pages about these subjects in any wikis or via google?
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