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The science behind the so called Philadelphia Experiment ?

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    The science behind the so called "Philadelphia Experiment"?

    I have done some digging on the Philadelphia Experiment after watching the actor from Fringe stuble along trying to do a sci-fi science show called "Dark Matters". It was disgusting even to an intelligent, but mostly layperson. Anyway post research yielded much more accurate information and I am not interested in discussion the various aspects of the theory at all. What Im interested in is the physics. Would a "unified field theory" even provide the information to somehow Teleport an entire ship in the 1940's? I think not, but what do I know? Id like the experts to weigh in if they don't mind :)

    Please avoid discussing the conspiracy theory itself as to stay in accordance with the rules. Funnel discussion twords facts please, or if their has been previous discussion then a link would be helpful.

    Also, because Im interested, is their any times in recent history were the U.S government has withheld a major breakthrough in science from the public, and then been caught? Only interested in instances that can be proven, if there is any.( I will quote an PM from a Mentor just so there isn't any issues with keeping this thread open.:tongue2: "A conversation about previous government coverups could be ok so long as it was careful to avoid any suggestion of current conspiracy theory."

    The character of fringe who I mentioned was Walter, if your familiar with it.
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    Re: The science behind the so called "Philadelphia Experiment"?

    Thread closed for obvious reasons by berkeman
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