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The solid angle of coffee

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    This is the hardest brain teaser I could think of:

    The solid angle of coffee is quite complicated. It involves some kind of resistance to change, and the density parameter for the brightness of stars is suprisingly inadequate. Unlike most people think, standard angular velocity is not the answer. The issue has to do with asymptotic behaviour of functions rather that the first transfinite ordinal number. Even a simple arithmetic function could tell you that - it is not like it involves baryons and a meson. This is not the end..but it is.

    It is not random things, but actually highly structural! The solution is in the text. You may ask for hints if you wish.
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    The answer is Omega.
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    CORRECT! And I though this would be a hard brainteaser...What did you solve it on?
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    So what is the solid angle of coffee?
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    The coffee is probably irrelevant. In physics books, upper case Omega is a commonly used symbol for solid angle just as it is for electrical resistance. But in math books lower case is commonly used for the first transfinite ordinal and in physics books for angular velocity. The phrase "This is not the end" is not the end of the puzzle, there is a little bit of text after it. However, omega is the end of the greek alphabet. I'm not completely sure about the other clues, but I felt that I had enough to answer the problem and I got lucky.
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