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Math The story of a future mathematician

  1. Nov 28, 2011 #1
    Hello i'm about to enter high school and i am very fond of mathematics especialy, computer science mathematics. so i just started wondering if it is worth it getting a degree in mathematics then getting a PhD in this field. can someone tell me if this worth it; can people who are pursuing or achieved these degrees toon in
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    Well, it's worth it if you enjoy doing it.

    I find mathematics rewarding, challenging, and germane to many fields.

    Even though pursuing a PhD in mathematics is my "Plan C", I am quite happy with the path I am on. Sometimes life gets in the way of your "Plan A" and "Plan B" so considering you are still very young, keep an open mind to all of the cool stuff that will become available to you as you proceed through school.

    Best of luck in high school and in life ... say no to drugs, obey your parents, and all that other rot!
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    thank you bpatrick
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    Hey Puppykishin11 and welcome to the forums.

    I am doing a math major myself and will be graduating next year.

    Computer science is a very good combination to do with mathematics. So many applications use both which include, but are not limited to, data mining, cryptography, simulation (games, scientific applications, animated movies, etc) as well as a trillion other things.

    I wouldn't worry about the whole PhD thing now or in your first year. Get your feet wet first and then make decisions later about jumping in the ocean.

    For me, learning math has been very interesting. It's not rewarding all of the time, but its a good learning experience for various reasons.

    One thing you should be aware of is that most people doing these degrees are just ordinary people who like maths. I won't lie to you, pure mathematics can be a nightmare if you don't really want to learn it, but so can any other subject.

    Also one good thing with mathematics is there are many areas that you can focus on. Even if you narrow down an interest to pure, applied, or statistics, there are still many sub-areas.
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