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The universe total energy and the conservation of energy

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    1- if the universe total energy is zero,
    is this mean that the universe can come
    from (zero energy + zero energy = 0 )
    to (negative energy + positive energy = 0 )

    2- if in a system of the total energy is (E - E = 0)
    does the conservation of energy allow a system to change to (2E - 2E ) = 0 ?

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    See here for an explanation of how gravity feeds expansion in the universe....


    If you think about the explanations, they gives some good insights into the answers to your questions.

    On the other hand, did the universe come from 'zero energy'....nobody knows, but the
    description, or definition such possible 'zero energy' is in itself very interesting.

    It turns out that an apparently 'empty vacuum' ['zero energy'] together with acceleration [as in our universe] leads to particle production! Such conditions spawn matter!! There are some explanatory discussions in these forums, the Unruh effect is an example, and it turns out 'horizons' play a key role.
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