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Thermodynamical potentials: some hand-waving please

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    I am right now occupied with statistical physics, and of course the connections to thermodynamics are always there. We are especially verifying the old-school thermodynamical results. This leads to a lot of talking about thermodynamical potentials, but I feel that I and most of the students lack a "feeling" for them.

    I would appreciate if some people could do some hand-waving and tell me what "feeling" they have developed for the thermodynamical potentials. What do they really describe? I'm sure it would help us out also with the theoretical stuff.

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    Suppose you wanted to conjure a rabbit in your hat. For one thing, you would have to assemble the molecules:

    [tex] dU=\mu dN[/tex]

    But you would also have to do the work to make room for the rabbit:

    [tex] dU = \mu dN + P dV[/tex] (Enthalpy)

    And you can extract some energy from the surrounding air to help you:

    [tex] dU = \mu dN + P dV - T ds [/tex] (Gibbs free energy)
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