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Thermodynamics: 2 heatsources together and a heatsink

  1. Nov 7, 2012 #1
    I am going to create a model, with two heatsources closely spaced (Cables with a current) Covered with dirt and at a distance 1.3m from each cable there are a heatsink surround them.

    My problem is when im going to create the model, im not sure at what temperature i need to calculate the heat Q, because the temperature between the cables must change because of the two cables, and that would effect the heat Q.

    The goal is to know the temperatures at a distance R, from one cable and Q from both cables.

    The model with to cables is steady state

    And i have create a steady state model for 1 cable, but not with to closely spaced
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    Illustration of the scenaria that i would like to calculate

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