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Thevenin Equivalent Finding Isc

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    So far I've found Vout, but I'm a little confused about finding ISC. The solution to my homework says that in Figure 2 the 10 ohm resistor gets by passed due to the short across the open voltage. Why does this happen? Thanks!

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    When the short is applied what happens to the voltage across the 10R?
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    Does it go to zero? Why does that happen?
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    I think you need to do a little investigation of Ohm's Law and combining resistances in parallel.

    The short circuit is a zero Ohm resistance placed across the terminals. In this case it places the equivalent of a zero Ohm resistor in parallel with the 10 Ohm resistance. What's the net resistance of 10 Ohms in parallel with zero Ohms?

    What does Ohm's Law say about the potential drop across that net resistance when some current ##I## flows through it?
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