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Thévenin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Charles Thévenin (1764–1838), neoclassical French painter
Denis Thévenin, birth name of French author Georges Duhamel
Léon Charles Thévenin (1857–1926), French engineer
Nicolas Thévenin (born 1958), bishop and Vatican diplomat
Olivier Thévenin (born 1968), French racing driver

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  1. S

    Calculate voltage over capacitor and resistance

    Hi! I tried by using the Thevenin. Later using Vth and Rth to calculate Vs(0.1ms). After that I divided the voltage from E over R1 and R3. The circuit and my attempt:
  2. Edy56

    Engineering Thevenin Generator: Maximum Active Power & Calculation

    So I have calculated Zab which is 3-3j (it's correct). Now I have to calculate (Uab)0. This is where I just get completely lost. In my opinion: (Uab)0=E3+I3*R3+Ic1*Xc1+E4 Note: I recognize these currents are not shown in the picture, but based on their indexes and basic logic I hope you...
  3. G

    Thévenin and Norton circuits Exercise

    Figure: My attempt at a solution: a) ##\boxed{V_{TH}}## Current source equations ##\rightarrow \boxed{2=I_2-I_1}## Control variable equations ##\rightarrow V_1=4I_2\rightarrow \boxed{0=4I_2-V_1}## Super Mesh ##\rightarrow -0,5V_1+2I_1+I_2(4+8)-8I_3=0\rghtarrow...
  4. A

    Are Overly Complicated Homework Problems Beneficial for Student Learning?

    Hello I'm trying to solve my homework assignment, I have successfully found the thevenin resistance which is equal to 3.75 but I'm stuck on how to even get started to find the voltage because there are too many components. I have shorted the load resistor which is called RL but there are too...
  5. cianfa72

    Formal proof of Thevenin theorem

    Hi, I am looking for a formal proof of Thevenin theorem. Actually the first point to clarify is why any linear network seen from a port is equivalent to a linear bipole. In other words look at the following picture: each of the two parts are networks of bipoles themselves. Why the part 1 -- as...
  6. A

    Differential Amplifier Common Mode Thevenin Equivalent

    I am currently reading about small signal analysis of a MOSFET differential amplifier. The text I am using has the below two figures for a common-mode equivalent circuit for the amplifier. The first makes sense to me except where it calls it a "Norton equivalent circuit", whereas I thought a...
  7. L

    Engineering How to Calculate Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

    First, I calculate the Thevenin resistance by treating the independent current source I0 as an open circuit and noticing that the resistance of the dependent voltage source is α (since V=IR and the voltage across the dependent voltage source is given by αi. In this way, I have: RTH = 1 / (1 /...
  8. Andrei0408

    Calculate the voltage across a resistor using Thevenin's Theorem

    I'm thinking I should apply Thevenin's Theorem to find the voltage, but I need to find I_D in order to be able to calculate U_S.
  9. theycallmevirgo

    How Is Thevenin Resistance Calculated in R1 Parallel to R2 Configuration?

    The attached image (Horowitz & Hill Student Manual for 2nd ed) gives thevenin resistance and voltage for the network R_1+(R_2||R_L) as R_th=R_1||R_2 E_th=E_in(R1/(R_1+R_2)) E_th is self-evident (voltage divider) but how in the world they get R_th i beyond me. If there is no load, isn't R_1 in...
  10. S

    Engineering Find Current Through 40 Ohms Resistor Using Thevenin

    Find the current through the 40ohms resistor using the Thevenin? I have calculated the Zth = 10 ohms. And I couldn't find the Vth.
  11. Samama Fahim

    Calculating the Thevenin's Resistance of a Breadboarded Circuit

    How would we calculate the Thevenin's resistance for the above circuit? The right answer for this circuit is 1.5 kOhm. $$R_{567} = R_7 + (R_5 \parallel R_6) = .5 + .67 = 1.2 k\Omega$$ $$R_{34567} = R_3 + (R_4 \parallel R_{567}) = 1 + .75 = 1.75 k\Omega$$ $$R_{TH} = R_1 + (R_2 \parallel...
  12. A

    Engineering Problem with the Thevenin equivalent resistance

    Good day I have a problem to find the equivalent resistance from the capacitor point of view the solution says it's R1 but for me we still have R2 and R3 we have not deal with ! many thanks in advance
  13. M

    Engineering Thevenin Theorem seems to not work in this 1 bit RAM RC circuit

    I have a problem which consist in 1 bit RAM made of 3 MOSFETs. One of the questions is to calculate the maximum voltage that the memory element can receive. I have obtained the result by inspection (it is 4 Volts) but I'm unable to reach the same by applying the Thevenin Theorem. My...
  14. J

    Thevenin isolates nonlinear element

    I have no problem getting the ##R_{TH}## since from the special element's POV, the resistors are in parallel, and that's the answer. However, I don't really understand how to get ##V_{TH}##. Ignoring the special element, it seems that I have the resistors in series this time. But I'm not too...
  15. Jelsborg

    Finding the Thevenin equivalent by zeroing

    I am asked to find the Thevenin equivalent for the circuit above. I already got the equivalent voltage by node analysis on the nodes B and A3. What I'm trying to do is to zero the 10V-source and then calculate the equivalent resistance between A3 and GND. Whatever expression I come up with...
  16. paulmdrdo

    Thevenin Resistance and the Time Constant

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Rth = R||R+R (not sure?), τ=Rth*C The Attempt at a Solution [/B] So, what I ultimately wanted to determine is the time constant of this first order op-amp circuit. I first tried to calculate the thevenin resistance seen by the capacitor by using Rth =...
  17. Jason-Li

    Thevenin's Theorem, Superposition & Norton's Theorem

    Homework Statement FIGURE 1 shows a 50 Ω load being fed from two voltage sources via their associated reactances. Determine the current i flowing in the load by: (a) applying Thévenin’s theorem (b) applying the superposition theorem (c) by transforming the two voltage sources and their...
  18. Castello

    Thevenin equivalent by source transformation

    Homework Statement Find the Thevenin equivalent at terminals a-b V1 = 70V V2 (dependent) = 4Vo R1 = 10Kohm R2 = 20Kohm Homework Equations ##V=RI## ##1/req = 1/r1 + 1/r2 + ... +1/rn## The Attempt at a Solution Found the current i = 1mA by KVL using Vo = 10ki then did source...
  19. stipan_relix

    How to use Thevenin to find R and I?

    Homework Statement In the circuit shown, in the image, the variable resistor R is consuming maximum power. Determine: a) resistance for R b) power for R c) current for R3 and its direction Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I tried getting IA(the direction is shown with arrows in...
  20. A

    Thevenin Equivalent : Wrong value for Rth

    Homework Statement The problem ask for Thevenin Equivalent for the circuit attached. Homework Equations Vth = Vab Rth = Req Rth = Vth / Isc Rth = 1 / It The Attempt at a Solution Already calculated Vth = 166.67 V. I've no problem with that. Already confirmed by textbook answer. However, my...
  21. Casper Hansen

    Thevenin equivalent (symbolic circuit calculation)

    Homework Statement I have trouble to find the right procedure to transform the circuit below to a thevenin equivalent. I am looking for a symbolic solution a step by step guidance of where to start and how to add/locate all the impedance in series and parallel in order to calculate the sum of Z...
  22. icesalmon

    Engineering Finding the Thevenin Equivalent Circuit for a Network with a Load Resistor

    Homework Statement I just want to check to see if my understanding in anything here has gaps. Q: Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit for the network external to he load resistor ##R_L##: Homework Equations Ohm's Law: ## V = IR ## Kirchoff's Voltage Law: Σ##V_{drops}## + Σ##V_{gains}## = 0...
  23. S

    Three-part Problem: Thevenin + Dependent current source

    Homework Statement The diagram of the electric circuit, the problem statement (and an attempt) are included in the file below.: https://www.docdroid.net/RD0ZEgA/question-3.pdf Homework Equations Dependent Current Source Nodal analysis Short Circuit Current Thevenin Voltage Thevenin...
  24. icesalmon

    Engineering Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit

    Homework Statement Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit for the portions of the networks in the following circuit: Homework Equations Kirchoff's Voltage Law: ΣVdrops = ΣVgains Kirchoff's Current Law: ΣIclosed loop = 0 Ohms Law: V = IR The Attempt at a Solution Determination of the Thevenin...
  25. S

    Why is the Thevenin resistance in this problem 3.2 kΩ?

    Homework Statement The problem and its solution are attached. Homework Equations "Steps to follow for Thevenin’s Theorem: (1) Find the Thevenin source voltage by removing the load resistor from the original circuit and calculating voltage across the open connection points where the load...
  26. S

    I finding the Thevenin equivalent resistance

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/a/XD3Km4t I'm trying to find the thevenin equivalent resistance across the opened terminals. Homework Equations I know you short circuit the voltage source and do simple circuit analysis, however I'm getting confused in determining what resistors are...
  27. X

    Engineering Attempt at Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

    Hi, I am having trouble trying to determine Voc on this circuit. I have done the following to attempt it: 1) Converted my Voltage source to rectangular format (from polar) 2) Converted my capacitor and inductor to Xc and XL 3) I tried using KCL to find Va that's at the three-way on the circuit...
  28. F

    Engineering Find the Thevenin Equivalent circuit

    Find Thevenins Equivalent circuit external to RL, then find I. Here's my work : 5Ω & 5Ω series → R(1) = 5+5 = 10 Ω 10Ω & R(1) parallel→ R(2) = (10*10)/(10+10) = 5 Ω 2Ω & R(2) series → R(3) = R Th = 5+2 = 7Ω V = I R R = (R Th * RL)/(R Th + RL) R = 70/17 Ω V = 5 * (70/17) = 350 / 17 V = 20.6...
  29. JohnGaltis

    Thevenin Equivalence: Is my workings correct?

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/a/XySpV (If above image can't be seen.) Homework Equations KCL/KCL Rth=Vth/I The Attempt at a Solution Included in Screenshot. What I did was Open-Circuited the Load and use Nodal Analysis to find Voc Then, I shortcircuited the Load to find...
  30. G

    Is Thevenin's Theorem Applicable to Analyze Intensity Between Points A and B?

    Homework Statement 1. Homework Statement [/B] https://ibb.co/b263Pw Homework Equations [/B] Use thevenin method to find the intensity between A and B The Attempt at a Solution Well I tried a easier method but I just can't find the same answer[/B]
  31. Y

    Why do I get different answers with different methods - Thevenin

    Homework Statement Determine the Thevenin equivalent of the following circuit: https://imgur.com/a/74UjA (Top image) Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution The last 3 images in the Imgur album are all different approaches. I can't figure out what the right one is, and why the other...
  32. Frankenstein19

    How Do Controlled Sources Impact Thevenin Equivalent Calculations?

    Homework Statement [/B] Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution First I found the equivalent resistance since the 3 ohm resistor and 6 ohm resistor are in series. 9ohm. Then I did chose the node where the arrow points to as Voc, which is also va. KVL: (va+24V)/9ohm=1.33va I get va to be...
  33. Z

    How to know when to use Voc/Isc or Vtest/Itest for Thevenin?

    should you only apply the test sources when there are only independant sources in the circuit. Also would it be valid to zero all dependant source so that you are only left with independant sources and then apply the test source. It seems like i am always applying open and short circuit...
  34. G

    Engineering Open-circuit voltage in Thévenin equivalent

    Homework Statement Determine the Thévenin equivalent of the following circuit with respect to terminals A-B Homework Equations $$U=RI$$ The sum of the currents in a node is zero. The sum of voltages in a mesh is zero. I'm always considering the currents in the resistors directed downwards...
  35. peroAlex

    Computation of Thevenin Equivalent

    Hello! Recently I was going through some old exams and upon encountering this problem (which seemed pretty easy) I got stuck. Exams at my university are composed of individual tasks, each having three subquestions with four plausible answers respectively. Solution sheet gives results only, so...
  36. qwertyuiop

    How can I determine Rth in Thevenin with a transconductance source?

    This is the question First,I use thevenin theorem,when I close the voltage source, i apply nodal analysis to find rth,is my answer correct?
  37. miguelcard

    Engineering Finding Current in a Thevenin Circuit

    Homework Statement Given a circuit with a total of 3 sources , 2 Voltage sources and 2 Current sources and 4 resostors, Find the Cirrent I2 passing through the branch where R2 and V2 are. And I am asked to give the formula for the value of the voltage in the current source. Attached the...
  38. D

    Thevenin equivalent diamonda shaped

    【Mod Note: thread moved from technical forum, so homework template is missing】 Hi every one! I am encountering difficulties on finding the Req. in the sense that i can't really see which is in parallel end which is not, especially on the diamond shape. I haven't really understood how to treat...
  39. Jayalk97

    Engineering Converting to a circuit's Thevenin equivalent?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Finding the Thevenin equivalent? The Attempt at a Solution I found the thevenin resistance to be 185/47 ohms, which came out to be correct. I've been struggling with this question all day. I ended up attempting to find the norton equivalent and then...
  40. S

    Engineering Finding Thevenin Equivalent Circuit for a Complex Network

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Thevenin Equivalents V = IR The Attempt at a Solution To try to find R_th, I replaced all the voltages with short circuits but I do not what to do next. Then I believe V_th would just be the same as the voltage of the rightmost resistor.
  41. A

    Thevenin resistance in an opamp RC circuit

    Homework Statement In the figure given what is the Thevenin resistance between the nodes of the capacitor?? Homework Equations The Thevenin resistance is the open node resistance between two points. The Attempt at a Solution The way I see it, R2, Rf and R1 are in series and that combination...
  42. A

    What is the Thevenin and Norton equivalent for the given circuit in Fig. 4.125?

    Homework Statement Determine the Thevenin and Norton equivalents at terminals a-b of the circuit in Fig. 4.125. The figure is uploaded. Homework Equations We know that the Thevenin resistance is the resistance between the terminals when the independent sources are turned off. The Attempt at a...
  43. Simonkaa

    Engineering Solving circuit with Thevenin's theorem

    Hey guys, I am supposed to solve for voltage and current on R4 using Thevenin's theorem here. Values are following: U = 100V R1 = 310 R2 = 610 R3 = 220 R4 = 570 R5 = 200 Now, I know I need to solve for Rth and Vth, so I put the circuit into simulation and figured out voltage on R3 is equal to...
  44. W

    Engineering Phase relationships in Thévenin circuit

    Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] For part (c), should the phasor diagram just have everything on a straight line, save for the Rt and Vrt? Honestly not sure how to attempt part (d) as we never really covered phase relationships in lectures, just...
  45. A

    Engineering Finding Thevenin Equivalent Voltage for a Circuit with Multiple Voltage Sources

    Homework Statement See attached image Homework Equations Thevenin EquivalentThe Attempt at a Solution a) Find the total resistance between A and B by short circuiting the voltage sources: Rt = 100Ω in parallel with the two 150Ω Two 150Ω in series: R = 300Ω 1/Rt = 1/100 + 1/300 Rt = 75Ω I...
  46. B

    Thevenin reduction of network for fault analysis trouble.

    Homework Statement Reduction from top network to bottom network in the screen shot. I can not find the steps that have been taken to do this. Fault impedance = Zfa = Zfb = Zfc = j0.5 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution in hand written screenshot, sorry for the mess, just to show it...
  47. E

    Fault analysis -- Simplifying to Thevenin equivalent

    Homework Statement [/B] All voltages and impedances are in per unit values. After all the source transformations, why is the voltage source still 1 ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B]