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  1. Samama Fahim

    Calculating the Thevenin's Resistance of a Breadboarded Circuit

    How would we calculate the Thevenin's resistance for the above circuit? The right answer for this circuit is 1.5 kOhm. $$R_{567} = R_7 + (R_5 \parallel R_6) = .5 + .67 = 1.2 k\Omega$$ $$R_{34567} = R_3 + (R_4 \parallel R_{567}) = 1 + .75 = 1.75 k\Omega$$ $$R_{TH} = R_1 + (R_2 \parallel...
  2. Jason-Li

    Thevenin's Theorem, Superposition & Norton's Theorem

    Homework Statement FIGURE 1 shows a 50 Ω load being fed from two voltage sources via their associated reactances. Determine the current i flowing in the load by: (a) applying Thévenin’s theorem (b) applying the superposition theorem (c) by transforming the two voltage sources and their...
  3. Castello

    Thevenin equivalent by source transformation

    Homework Statement Find the Thevenin equivalent at terminals a-b V1 = 70V V2 (dependent) = 4Vo R1 = 10Kohm R2 = 20Kohm Homework Equations ##V=RI## ##1/req = 1/r1 + 1/r2 + ... +1/rn## The Attempt at a Solution Found the current i = 1mA by KVL using Vo = 10ki then did source...
  4. G

    Can i solve this with the Theorem of thevenin?

    Homework Statement 1. Homework Statement [/B] Homework Equations [/B] Use thevenin method to find the intensity between A and B The Attempt at a Solution Well I tried a easier method but I just cant find the same answer[/B]
  5. Simonkaa

    Engineering Solving circuit with Thevenin's theorem

    Hey guys, I am supposed to solve for voltage and current on R4 using Thevenin's theorem here. Values are following: U = 100V R1 = 310 R2 = 610 R3 = 220 R4 = 570 R5 = 200 Now, I know I need to solve for Rth and Vth, so I put the circuit into simulation and figured out voltage on R3 is equal to...
  6. E

    Fault analysis -- Simplifying to Thevenin equivalent

    Homework Statement [/B] All voltages and impedances are in per unit values. After all the source transformations, why is the voltage source still 1 ? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution [/B]
  7. Z

    Engineering Find the Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Node Voltage Method V=IR The Attempt at a Solution KCL at Node 1: KCL at Node 2: i is the current moving towards "a" I've simplified the two equations down but the problem I run into is that normally I'm able to write a third equation to define...
  8. magnetpedro

    Thevenin's Help

    Hello guys, Can someone guide me through this problems solution? I need to find the Thevenin's Equivallent for this circuit, between A and B. I'm terrible at Circuits and I'm eager for some motivation and help. Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. YellowBelliedMarmot

    Engineering Thevenin Equivalent of AC RLC Circuit w/ Dependent Voltage

    Homework Statement Find Vth and Zth. frequency = 2kHz Homework Equations w = 2 * (pi) * f ZL = j w L ZC = -j / (w * C) V = I*Z ZR = R The Attempt at a Solution At first I tried using nodal analysis which I receive the value V = 0 v. I believe this is because this circuit only has dependent...
  10. Naakicibi

    Resistor parallel to short circuit when finding R_thev ...?

    (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to insert an image from my drive) I have a problem where in finding the thevenin resistance I take out my independent sources and as a result I'm left with a resistor parallel to a short circuit. Should I ignore this resistor when calculating equivalent...
  11. Galviniser

    Thevenin's circuit analysis. Multiple voltage sources

    Hi, i am halfway through one of my assignments and i require some assistance. I do not seek the answer to the assignment just a little boost to my knowledge. 1. Homework Statement Basically, if i am calculating the Thevenin's voltage and the resistor i have removed that is in question has a...
  12. H

    Thevenin equivalent sc current

    Homework Statement [/B] Homework Equations [/B] Node-voltage method mesh current method The Attempt at a Solution [/B] My problem is with the short-circuit current. There are three meshes when you join the nodes a and b. Let i1 be the cw current for the bottom right mesh, i2 be the ccw...
  13. I

    Voltage generators in open edges and Thevenin's generator

    Homework Statement I hope you can see the picture clearly. Someone drew lines over it,so please try to ignore that. The problem here is to determine the current of ideal current source Ig, if following parameters are known: -E1=50V, E3=30V -R1=200Ω, R2=500Ω, R3=3kΩ, R4= 10 kΩ -C=0.7 μF...
  14. A

    Thevenin equivalent circuit

    Homework Statement I am to find the thevenin equivalent circuit without the load resistor (to the left of terminals a &b Homework Equations From class notes: 1- Remove the load resistor 2- find the open circuit voltage across a & b 3- Remove all voltage sources (replace with short circuit)...
  15. E

    Understanding Thevenin's Theorem

    Homework Statement You have a circuit (attached pic) and want to find the Thevenin equivalent resistance and voltage. Homework Equations See below The Attempt at a Solution OK< here's what confuses me. If I simply look at the total resistance of the circuit from A and B, it seems to me that...
  16. G

    Thevenin Equivalent

    Hi everyone. I need some help with regards to a question on Thevenin's equivalent. I attempted to solve it in 2 ways but I got different answers when I tried to do it another way. However, I am not sure of my answer as I do not have the answer key at the moment. The picture below shows one of my...
  17. L

    Bootstrapping Amplifiers, and Signal Bypasses

    Hello, I am reading The Art of Electronics, and I have two specific questions regarding examples it has introduced. I am dealing with bipolar transistors the current chapter. I think my questions mostly stem from not understanding concepts. The text has introduced the technique of...
  18. M

    Find the resistance for maximum power transfer

    Homework Statement Find the value of R where RL equals 50 Ω, for maximum power transfer I= 2A, R_L=50 ohms Homework Equations R_th=V_oc/I_sc KCL,KVL,V=IR The Attempt at a Solution First, I created an open circuit including everything except R_L. Then i tried to solve for the Open Circuit...
  19. P

    Thevenin's equivalent of wheatstone bridge

    Hi guys, I tried to calculate the Vos and Isc and both of them are the Thevenin's resistance is 0/0=undefined. How do I calculate the resistance when Vos/Isc fails,such like the wheatstone bridge?
  20. J

    Engineering Thevenin Equivalent for circuit with diagonal resistors

    Homework Statement Hi everyone! I'm trying to find the thevenin equivalent for part A of this circuit: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I first remove part B, that is, open circuit it entirely. Then I try to find Voc across the two terminals that are...