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This is not a homework

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    This is not a homework

    I am working on laser amplification(first time) for a He-Ne laser (160 cm ,80 watt)
    But i don't know how to start the study because i am afraid of harming the device
    I have so many ideas in my mind for example :
    Making a q-switched laser ,or make anther laser and the pumping part of it is the He-Ne laser
    i need to amplify it to reach 200 watt...
    plz any idea or where should i start

    it is very important HELP
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    Welcome to Physics Forums HeNe!

    I've never heard of HeNe lasers at the power levels you are talking about. What is it you ultimately want to use the laser beam for? It might be better to use something other than a HeNe.
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    thank you for your welcome

    i am working in cutting biz (plastic, wood) and i used a He-Ne laser

    my main work is in art
    and now i need to amplify the power of my laser so i can cut 1 deism of silver

    i cant by any other device because i have so many loans on me [because of the sickens of my father]

    and these is the main reason of trying to amplify the power of my laser...
    and i have a Friend that told me about this website.. so i will try to remember my old physics courses
    i am 55
    and it is hard to remember every thing
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    From a quick internet search, I have the impression that C02 lasers are more common for woodcutting. It might be possible that diode lasers can also be used for this. As diode lasers are about the most efficient lasers available, they would be lower cost for a given power level.

    There may be a few people here at Physics Forums who can give good advice on this, but I'll suggest you try asking at the usenet group alt.lasers :
    (You'll need either to create a google account -- it's free -- to post to alt.lasers, or have some other way to access usenet groups)

    A number of regulars in alt.lasers build lasers as a hobby, and the "guru" of the group is Sam Goldwasser. His website has a little information on laser cutting with C02 lasers:
    (Read the sections on "small wood cutting lasers" and "large wood cutting lasers")

    You can also poke around on Sam's site wherever it mentions cutting and wood:

    Good luck!


    p.s. I am wondering if your setup uses the HeNe strictly as a visible alignment beam, and the real cutting is done by a C02 or other high-power laser?
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