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Tick tock?

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    Anybody know anything about watches? I have been offered this watch for 100 pounds. The watch is still in its case and it still has its 5 year warranty certificate with it. The offer seems far too good to be true so can anyone out there give me any advice on how i would be able to tell if it was a fake?

    And whats the rotating bezel for?
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    Do you know how the person got it? There were some Krug Baumen watches cirulating about 5 years ago,£500 for £80 - £100. The story was that they were given away as freebies when someone bought a BMW, someone had an excessand was knoking them off on the side! The watches were genuin but if you had problems with them you were stuffed!

    The bezel is the ring on the outside with the numbers on!
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    This guy is supposed to work for mercedes. Apparently if you buy a mercedes in mainland europe you get a watch chucked in with it. Whats the bezel ring actually there for?
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    Leave the watch alone and save your cash.

    It`s my understanding that bezels were first used on dive watches to indicate to the diver the time he entered the water so he didn`t spend too much time at too deep a depth (but i could be wrong).
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