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Time Travel forum?

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    I tried to find the announcement, but couldn't find it. Why was forum 56 (the Time Travel Forum) removed?
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    MY guess is that with a thirty day limitation with no repsopnses, the whole shebang is eliminated. Soemthing must of happen to the archives along with this detemrination.

    New thread headings...... new subject under that heading?
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    I am goign to be offering forums for physics that aren't hosted here-- specific areas of interest. Contact me to see if you make the list
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    Also does kaku ever check the forums and if so what is his sn
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    In regards to developing a Quantum gravity thread, I am going to encourage you in this direction as well. You are generating hits in a most needless way. :smile:, because this topic will endure on its own.

    I have lots of links for you to drawn from and a history that I had been working from. That I bring to physics forum for consideration. I trust the mentors here for now as long as they remain open. Even in society there are individual outside academia who take a serious interest to develope. In having this perspective, I have enjoyed the freedom to relax because my life's monetary consideration have not depended on a survival in a education format many here endure.

    Why medals are funny to me and make sense for younger generations who are needing authority figures to solace the feelings there are developing as they grow. As yougrow older there is a internal confidence tha matures as well as you gain in life through education as well as life expeience.

    I will be watching your developement as I have watched others, and encourage you to be patient.

    Marcus has been quite right about how long some of things can take in developing. Even Greg here has been most fortunate that many have come on board. Found a place, that many can gather for considerations. Group mind is looking for expression, in these conversations. Like minds, gather for this reason as well. :smile:

    That self adjoint would be assisting you is a good thing, for his mentoring has help me greatly as well over the years.
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    ty for ur response-- i think
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    especially the part about the medals eh?

    ur interpetation of jealousy is misplaced for obvious reasons :smile:

    Younger generations retaliate in a way when the statements at self expression are challenged. It's a growing thing abut self assertion and direction.

    At a most basic level it is monkey's beating their chests. If you have lived with animals for a long time you learn to undertand this most basic features of human nature. But onthe outer covering of the brain evolution has dictated a mind that can develope, and further, one that can develope with vision.

    The challenge is to arise above this emotive connection, and none of us are free of them. :rofl:

    That's what I think anyway. :smile:

    Back to the "The Time travel" forum
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    Thank you. The reason I asked was that I have a time travel message board myself and in our portal section we had a link to the mkaku.org Time Travel forum. I now have it replaced by the PF.

    I noticed the threads from the original forum survived and are now moved to other PF forums like Theory Development.
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    Having a little medal under your name is like being a prized sheep in a county fair. The more important thing is to ask questions and find answers that make sense. We live in a universe that is beautiful and complicated. Genius is not unique knowledge, it is about putting common knowledge together in unique ways. There are people here with vast knowledge of many facts who are trying to be a resource to the eventual genious who will put them all together. We will also challenge you every step of the way.
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    Hey all.... so the time travel forum was lost in time, eh?
    oh well. cie la vie, or would cie la temp be more appropriate?
    While I'm sure that at least a few of you have heard of Dr. Ronald L. Mallett's work at UConn, I'm sitting here watching one of those Discovery Science Channel shows, dealing with his work on time travel.
    Apparently, he's taking this completely seriously, and has posted a paper in Physical Review Letter's A. According to the show's narrator, it was received with "great enthusiasm" by his peers.
    Here's a link to his site.
    http://www.physics.uconn.edu/~mallett/ [Broken]
    So, if there is such a beast as time travel, he believes that he'll be among those who prove it.
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    I have many links in regards to time travel that can be brought here.

    http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@85.hibmcdeMH4g.5@.1ddea281 [Broken]

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    The Theory of Everything, by Michio Kaku

    http://firstscience.com/SITE/images/articles/kaku/black_hole2.jpg [Broken]

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    Mar 30, 2004 2:48 pm (#18 of 20)
    Edited Apr 13, 2004 7:52 pm
    Ronald Mallets work?

    I think Steve Carlip has something to say on this? :smile:
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    See the thread "The Mallet Time Machine". I hadn't seen Carlip's reference to the Hawking theorem. It does seem that Mallet needs to address this issue directly, and I now doubt that he can, because he works only in the linearized equations, where none of this appears. I saw a segement on Mallett and his theory on the new "Science Channel". It was completely pro-Mallett and didn't discuss the issues at all. :surprised
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Welcome back SA.

    Maybe you can help me here. Carlip responds to a question on an internet forum so I'm not sure Mallett's work was accurately presented to Carlip. Mallett's paper specifies weak fields. What am I missing?

    His paper
    http://temporology.bio.msu.ru/EREPORTS/mallett.pdf [Broken]

    The link seems to be down a lot but it does work once in a while.
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    HI all,

    No one will ever travel to the future or the past of his own world line.

    No one will ever travel to the past of another world line he has once intersected.

    Only travel to the future of a once intersected world line can be contemplated.

    If world lines have not intersected, future and past as relates two world lines is indeterminate.

    As to the idea of splitting universe world lines. Where does the energy come from. You would be doubling the energy.

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    Here's a fictional story.

    Let's say I am a TRacker from the future, as well as having been a tracker in the past. What is the one thing that would have been consistent?

    A Tracker looks for signs. He senses the impressions made, by weight, by temperature, how faded the tracks has become. Every event that takes place leaves a impression of one form or another, and being of alien dissent :rofl: and a time traveller, I ask how we might look at all impressions.

    How those energy events describe themselves.

    Having understood the geometricization of the gravitational waves, each graviton tells me something about this event, so I now use this graviton as a hologrpahcal image altough it describes only the one aspect of the wave, it also contains a picture of the whole. So as a timetraveller I can travel fifteen billion year quite easily. I am just developing the coordinates now?

    AS a time traveller, I then have to understand how I could traverse these dimenisons. Time takes on a whole different meaning to me now and for ever more and I have no illusions, that separate time.

    The End (?):smile:
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    If the universe is in state A and during an interval of duration passes to state B, the inhabitants of the universe will measure different times for the interval of duration.

    With the universe in state B, State A is gone, it is no longer accessible. Any attempt to travel to state A will result in a transition to state C after another interval of duration, which again will be measured differently depending on the condition of the inhabitants of the universe.

    State C is just the next state in the normal evolution of a universe in which intelligent entities think they are time traveling.

    There is one way that a traveler may appear to travel in time without actually doing so. This would involve travel to a different time line in higher dimensional space whose state appears to be in the past or future of the travelers origin.

    Another way of time travel possibility is if time does not really exist. This would be if all possibilities of the universe exist in a sort of multi-dimensional phase space where all these possibilities are accessible from each other and the normal path through the space is just governed by momentum within the phase space.

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