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B Time Travel is Impossible

  1. Aug 9, 2017 #1
    I just wanted to share this idea with other people who may be interested:

    I watched a PBS Space Time episode about the speed of light more accurately described as the speed of causality.

    And I Submit! That "time" is simply a interaction between atoms.

    And though an interaction can be reversed, it can never be undone (it has already happened)

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Andrew! As you are new, you are not as familiar with the standards here.

    Generally speaking, the kind of reference you provided does not follow PhysicsForums guidelines. That is because it is not from a suitable peer-reviewed publication & author.

    It would make more sense if you had a specific question about Time. As opposed to making a statement about Time - and one that would be considered speculative at that.
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    Also: you are probably familiar with Relativity. You may not be aware that the speed of atomic interactions varies under various boosts. For example, time appears to elapse more slowly in the interior of the earth than in the stratosphere. So atomic interactions (as you hypothesize) do not have a single specific duration of time that they define.

    What is invariant is c.
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    As @DrChinese pointed out, we do not debunk questionable sources as we do not discuss personal theories which aren't published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Both is affected by this youtube video, so I'll close this thread.

    As always, if there is a scientific reliable source that discusses the subject or related ones, please contact me or another mentor and this thread can be re-opened.
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