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Time waits for no one.

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    I've got to write a speech for Public Speaking and the topic is "Time waits for no one" and I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on how I could relate this to cosmology in my speech.
    All suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)
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    Time waits for no one,
    It passes you by.
    It rolls on forever,
    Like the clouds in the sky.
    Time waits for no one,
    Goes on endlessly.
    It's just like a river,
    Flowing out to the sea.
    You'll find that love is like this.
    Each precious moment we miss
    Will never ever return again.
    So don't let us throw one
    Sweet moment away.
    Time waits for no one
    Let's make love while we may.

    Song from ~ 1940
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    most of the words in physics have a special meaning. for eg. relativity and uncertainity are words that are wrongly used in physics sense to everyday situations for advocating ones philosophy. same goes for force, momentum, action, reaction, space-time.......you get it. In my opinion you can make a wonderful speech on the topic without using time in cosmological sense. best wishes :)
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