College Activities to help get a job in aerospace field

  1. Im currently in school pursuing a bs in mechanical engineering with an aerospace concentration, and after wanting to obtain my masters in aerospace engineering. Is there anything I can do while in school that would help my resume look better when finding internships, or a job after graduation? I briefly joined the fsae team but stopped due to being overwhelmed with school work and my job. I know nasa is funding something at my school for some kind of research for some material to be used in space would that be of any help? Any advice from you guys working for aerospace companies that will help me build my resume would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    In a word- extracurriculars! Whether it's AIAA or FSAE or a NASA grant or whatever. Working in a team-based environment with budgets, requirements, and deadlines will show how engineering processes are applied and will give you valuable team-building experience. Also, these clubs and organizations are usually backed by industry partners which are scouting for new hires. This will give you the chance to socialize with employers in industry.
  4. Do participate in student design competitions like DBFC (Design, Build & Fly Competition). A good performance is an indicator of the fact you can design things and make them work
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