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Schools Tips to get addmission in good university?

  1. Jul 5, 2007 #1
    Tips to get addmission in good university?????

    hey everybody i am currently doing my first year of undergrad in a community college and planning to transfer any of UCs(university of California) on math and physics double major.
    what are the best steps i can follow in order to get admission in uc Berkeley.
    I am determined and serious about my study and want to develop my career as a researcher(especially in cosmology, spacetime, gravity, nuclear physics(any of them) ). for that what steps i have take from now? what types of book are best for me and what else i have to do to join some research club. but let me remind u i am in a college level of physics and cal III ..

    appreciate ur help
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    waiting for your wise suggestion
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    Math Is Hard

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    Other than having an impressive GPA and a good number of prerequisite courses for the major on your transcript-- start working on your essays as early as possible. Let at least two people read them and give you feedback. Poor essays can be dealbreakers in UC admissions.
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    And make sure you spellcheck them. :smile: (look at your thread title again)
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    Did you read a book by Hawking or Greene lately?
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    Check out www.assist.org. It is a website with the distinct purpose of specifying what classes to take in order to best prepare for a transfer to a UC (or Cal State). It allows you to choose the California Community College that you will be transferring from, and then the institution you would like to transfer to, and will subsequently generate a list of courses to be taken at the community college that will fulfill that major’s undergrad requirements for that university (in your case, Berkeley). It will also provide supplemental information regarding GPA guidelines, admission criteria etc.

    Also, regarding admissions, UC’s and Cal States have many various agreements with California Community Colleges which can ultimately give you preferred or even guaranteed admission to that university given you adhere to the requirements of the particular agreement (different universities offer different agreements). For instance, I have a contract with my community college called a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), which guarantees my admission to UCSD as long as I complete all of the specified courses while keeping a decent GPA. Hope this helps and best of luck. Derek
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    Or perhaps Sagan.:biggrin:
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    I didn't have 1 person proofread my essays and I am not the best writer either, but I got into UCLA and berkeley. For freshman, essays probably matter alot more than for transfers applicants

    actually to transfer from a cc, you can do what I did. I had a near 4.0 gpa and completed all of my prereqs and IGETC. It was really simple for me. I just tried really hard for my classes, not just to get good grades, but to make sure I understood most of the concepts of my math and physics classes. But I had to sacrifice alot of a social life. I also managed to have plenty of time to self-study for upper-div classes
  11. Jul 11, 2007 #10
    thankx JasonRox and everybody
    ya! i have studied a brief history of time, universe in a nutshell, wrapped passage(partially), after the beginning, non-mathematical special relativity, the greatest unsolved theorem: Riemann hypothesis (partially), currently reading appearance and reality................

    i love reading physics books but for me its hard to read the whole book..
    can u suggest some nice books and videos related to quantum, gravity, cosmology,nuclear physics and relativity.

    currently i am taking college physics thus i am taking university physics 1 and calculus III in fall..i am interested in math too. what can i do to increase my knowledge level?

    my ultimate goal is to receive PhD and todo research in physics and math. I am ready to sacrifice my whole life for physics. please! your guidance are welcome.

    and your wise comment are appreciated.
  12. Jul 12, 2007 #11
    I got accepted to UCB, it seems that my reference letters played a huge role in determining my acceptance. GPA is not really a issue (mind you you better have a 3.9 +).
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    oh ya it is absolutely better to have GPA 3.9 + but as i was new in usa i screwed up in the first semester, so right now i have just ~~ 3.65 GPA (hope i can increase it to 3.8(+)(-).
    what should i have to do in college to get a good reference letter?(i usually try to build a good relationship with professors).
    My other problem is that i am weak in english. the only positive point abt me is i am good in math and curious (for me) on physics. I dont want my application to be rejected due to weak english. any suggestion.
    thankx for ur kind help
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  14. Jul 12, 2007 #13
    umm... UC's don't require letters of rec. Or are you talking about the essay?

    Anyways, I started end first semester with a 3.67 gpa with only 9 units completed and a W in Calc II. But I got all A's since and got admitted. So its never too late to improve
  15. Jul 12, 2007 #14
    what was ur average Gpa when u apply?
  16. Jul 13, 2007 #15
    my gpa was 3.91 with 32 units completed when I applied
  17. Jul 13, 2007 #16
    thats tremendo!!!
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