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To master mathematics for physics

  1. May 19, 2014 #1
    Pease could give me a website that explains mathematics. I want to understand and master mathematics at graduate level. I maths, I do maths excercise but I don't understand it very well. Thank you
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    "I want to master mathematics" is a very broad statement.

    What exactly do you want to learn?
    What exactly do you know right now?

    Regardless, you will likely have to get a book on some topics and do the problem sets. Websites aren't really that helpful.
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    This questions is very broad.

    If you want to master maths through a 'website' the best you can do is get textbooks, work through ALL the problems in the problem sets and post questions you find challenging so people can help you. This is the only way to learn maths, there is no way around it. You have to actively practice and solve problems. However, this alone will not help you master maths, to master maths you need to think, ask questions, prove things rigorously, and above all be intelligent etc. Have a read of the answers to these question, they may help
    If by website you mean something like MIT OCW or Khan Academy, then watching the videos is absolutely useless. If you keep watching millions of football games, you will never be good at football, similarly, if you watch someone else do the maths, you will never be good at it. You have to actively practice it. Learning by osmosis does not work, especially for maths.

    If your current level is bellow high school, then get some books on trig, calculus, algebra, etc. If you're comfortable with high school level maths, then follow a university program, any university.

    Most universities have the following course plan:

    • linear algebra
    • singe variable calculus
    • multivariable calculus
    • differential equations
    • probability and statistics
    • real analysis
    • complex analysis
    • geometry
    • metric spaces
    • number theory
    • topology
    • etc.
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    Thank you. I am talking of advance maths. I need it to drive my physics. All the maths needed for physics.
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    You really need to be more specific.
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    This web site, put together by Gerard 't Hooft, should answer your questions. It identifies what mathematics is needed (for physics) and points you at free on-line resources.
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    I know this is an older post, but I came across it while I was searching for practice questions on the forum.

    I've been using this site as a resource to practice my math/physics daily: www.learnerds.com

    They explain the solutions to the problems decently, so its helped me connect the dots with a few concepts. I've commented a few times when I'm confused, and they or other users do a good job responding.

    Hope that helps.
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