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B Today's Solar eclipse A dud

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    Well, of course it looked bright. While you were getting 18% of the normal light of the Sun, That was coming from 18% of the Sun's surface. The light per surface area was the same. And the total light reaching the ground from that 18% was between what it would have been on an overcast day or that in full daylight but not in direct sunlight.
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    stefan r

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    The transition from totality to diamond ring to burning eyes was very fast. 99.9% of totality would be noticeably different form 100%. We were very near the center of totality, few miles west of Casper Wy. My i-phone pictures of the sun still look like a disc even though my eyes saw a ring. Not sure if if it is just the phone because we had a few cirrus clouds. Looked like an odd sunset on all horizons.
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