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Too many questions

  1. Apr 13, 2003 #1
    Hi all,
    First of all; I wasn't getting on PF for a quite long time because of the mid-terms and others, when I returned I found out that my old account was deleted!
    Second of all; In a single week I have to choose a major in electrical engineering and I need your thoughts cause I'm quite confused and not sure which is better, options are:
    1) Electronics and Communications engineering; three years, the last year is either electronics only or communications only.
    2) Computers and systems engineering; three years, the last year is either computers only or systems only.

    Thank you very much
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    Hullo --

    The forum was upgraded, everyone had to make new accounts.

    As for the major, it depends what you want to do. #1 is the more traditional EE coursework... if you want to do electronics design -- sayu working on telecommunications or microprocessor/electronics hardware, you should pick it. #2 sounds like a more computer science-y sort of thing; perhaps with working on embedded systems for the second emphasis choice your last your. So, do you want to do more circuit design or computer programming? :)

    I would also highly recommend you talk to your advisor and the profs in the department. Lots of time they have knowledge about which courses/profs are good, what your school's emphasis is, and so on.
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