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Toolkits for matlab- missing syms and some others

  1. Apr 19, 2006 #1
    I have Matlab version 6.5 but the toolkit is MUCH different from that of the ones at school. I can't use the syms command plus many others such as poly2sym and sym2poly etc.

    Anyone know how you can update your toolkit?
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    Sounds like you didn't install the Symbolic Toolbox. Use the installer to install it, assuming you have a license for it.

    - Warren
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    Yeah I have a school license for it. The school buys em and they loan out the cd at the library, not really sure how all that works on their end but thats how i was able to get it. So i have the student version of it.

    I tried reinstalling the toolbox for it but syms still doesn't work. My professor told me that his version of the cd was doing the same thing. I didn't know if you could download different toolboxes?
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    The individual toolboxes cost 300EURO each to a normal user!

    If you're after a specific program, maybe try searching for it - Mathwroks have some kind of file repository and the chances are you'll find it there... :wink:
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