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Topoisomerase's Function

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    Topoisomerase is a enzyme that uncoils DNA during replication and Transcription. I understand that much, but how does it go about uncoilng the DNA. My teacher was talking about how super coils form when the DNA unwinds and Topoisomerase cuts the DNA to relax the DNA. But he went into alot of detail which i did not understand. For example he have this equation L = W + T where W the super coiling L is the limiting number and T is the twist. I dont know what he ment by all this, if any one can explain this to me please reply. Also he talked about how Topoisomerase 1 has a delta L of +1 and Topoisomerase 2 has a delta L of -2. Topoisomerase 1 makes a single stranded break where as topo 2 makes a double stranded break. I do not know what all of this works out, so can some one please help me out, also if possible can some one provide me a good website which talks about this stuff.

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