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Torsion on materials of variable cross section

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    New here, sorry if I'm in the wrong place or unclear, etc.

    I've been looking at torsion on solid plates and the torsion constant. I was wondering how to handle the torsion constant on a plate of changing cross section (e.g. there are holes drilled in it, changing the area of the cross section and shape, leaving it without a uniform solidity) without doing an FEA (I might have access to something like solidworks simulation stuff in the future, but not at the moment).

    Originally, I thought maybe too integrate along the length for the changing area, but that doesn't account for the shape.

    Can anyone help me? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
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    I do not know if this would help you a little, but just in case. Post 3781736 (post 3) was made on the day after your post.
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