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Tough physics problem - please help

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    A chain of length L and total mass M is released from rest with its lower end just touching the top of a table, as in figure
    (a). Find the force exerted by the table on the chain after the chain has fallen through a distance x, as in figure (b).
    Assume each link comes to rest the instant it reaches the table.

    figure can be found at
    http://polaris.deas.harvard.edu/gali...52/151/hw5.pdf [Broken]


    The answer is 3xgM/L if you wonder. I want to know how that is achieved.
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    I could not access the figure. Would you please see if you can fix that?
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    that is the link

    http://polaris.deas.harvard.edu/galileo/images/material/852/151/hw5.pdf [Broken]
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    hmm, it doesn't get posted
    try google: "released from rest with its lower end"
    there is a pdf file that has harvard on it.
    and it's #11 of that

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    I see the image, before you get help you must show your thoughts about the problem. Say something about it.
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    a hint gravity and impulse
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