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Train spotting, railfanning, and/modeling

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    Anyone here, besides me, who railfans and/or models trains. My college friends thought I was loony chasing trains. :biggrin: But I had a lot of fun. :smile:

    My grandfather (mom's dad) worked on the railroad (Victorian Railways), and on occasional weekends and during holidays, my brother and I spent time at the railway station he managed. I was able to ride some of the last steam engines still in service (early 1960's) and early diesels. My brother and I were allowed to help out with the signals and switches (all mechanical, before electrical systems were installed), of course under the supervision of my grandfather.

    Anyway, I developed life long interest (really passion) for trains. My favorite lines are the Lehigh Valley, Erie Lackawanna, and New Haven, and the Milwaukee, Virginian and Great Northern (particularly their heavy electrics).
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    Not me personally, but one of my best friends growing up was deeply into "chasing trains." He was also a talented writer and photographer and he eventually turned it into a carreer; he now edits a railroad magazine, his dream job.

    I also work with a man who enjoys trains and belongs to local train clubs.
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    I remember riding my bike next to trains before, but that's it. I won't go and look for them though. If they happen to be there, I guess I might.
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    You never truly realize how many trains are around until you are in a car with a 2 yr old boy! My friends visited when their son was 2, maybe 2 1/2, and I quickly learned there are "choo choos" everywhere around here. :biggrin: There's a whole big room full of model trains running through models of the city during different decades in the Children's Museum here, and you can't drag the dads away! :biggrin:
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