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Transfer question

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    I am planning on transferring colleges, and I essentially have two options. University A is better than the other and I would rather go to that university except for one flaw. There is a policy that they have that requires students to finish in 8 semesters. I am behind in my courses and I already know it will take me longer than 8 semesters. This means I will have to do summer school multiple times to get caught up. Also, I will be a big rush to finish so I won't have time to take a lot of the classes I wanted to take, which nearly defeats the purpose of going there.

    Then there is University B. University B is completely normal and would put me right smack on the same level playing field as the average college applicant. This school is not as good as the other one, if you don't consider that policy. This school there is no policy and you are allowed to stay as long as you want. I am planning on double majoring in math and physics and I want a good foundation for grad school.

    This brings me to my next point. I am planning on going to grad school and I have read about how important research experience is. I want to do alot of REU's and was planning on doing them as often as I could in the summers. So here is the predicament. Which is better for grad schools and my overall physics education... the better University A with not much research, or the worse University B with alot of research?
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    I'd think playing catch-up with two different majors would be too much work.
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    there is one thing that is certain, and that is that you are getting PhD, the option that provides you with the best foundation for you PhD is option B. in my opinion it is more important where you do your graduate work. so i think that in this situation going to the better undergraduate school in option A, would actually put you at a disadvantage. essentially what it comes down to is this, choose option B. a slightly less impressive undergraduate school to allow you easier entry into a better grad school. because that's where it counts!
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