Transform Word Doc to PDF and PDF to Word Doc.

  1. Hi

    I am looking for free software that can transform Word Doc to PDF. Maybe PDF back to Word Doc. Any suggestion on which one is good?

    Thanks Alan
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  3. Most of the recent office software can already convert your doc files to pdf.

    Just google it, there are online converters.
  4. "Newtonian" is right; most office apps these days can save to PDF. For conversion in the other direction though, I sometimes use PDF2Office, but if your PDF has math in it, it doesn't do a great job of that. If your PDF has math in it, consider InftyReader. It's the only OCR solution I'm aware of, but it's pretty pricey.
  5. I don't quite know what your actual needs are and where your request is coming from; but it so happens that, last night, I was reading on LML (Lightweight Markup Languages) other words, maybe you should consider an LML for your "original" document, instead of starting with Word, from where you can generate just about anything.

    my 2 cetns
  6. Thanks, I downloaded this and it works.

  7. Creating PDF from Word doc is easy since there are lots of freeware and Microsoft have the ability to save as PDF directly (07,10). Converting PDF back to Word seems more difficult. I've tried some apps and they failed to keep the original formatting. Any ideas?
  8. Kernel for Word to PDF is capable of converting large number of doc files to PDF. It supports conversion of both doc and docx files of MS word. The software also support conversion of Unicode characters of word documents. Using this program one can retrieve texts, tables, images, stored procedures, hyperlinks and indexes from the word files and save in new PDF files. The converted files can be accessed by the user with Adobe acrobat, foxit reader or other PDF reader.
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