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B Transformer core saturation- is this core saturating?

  1. Jun 13, 2017 #1
    Please excuse me if this is a very basic question, but I am just hoping someone can enlighten me on something.

    I am using the program FEMM to simulate a transformer. Unfortunately, I am unable to find data on the BH Curve of the material I’m using for the core, and I am worried that my simulated transformer might be reaching saturation. I am not too experienced with the program, but I have read that it only indicates saturation in certain circumstances.

    When I run the simulation, I can see an image representing the flux density in the core, in Tesla. Flux is shown as different colors - weaker flux density is yellow, stronger is red and pink etc. In this case, the pink is getting close to the saturation point of many materials. My question is this - if the bulk of the core is shown as yellow, i.e. weaker flux density, and only some parts are shown as red to have a higher flux, is it safe to assume the core is not saturating? For example, if around 10% of the core is getting close to what I have arbitrarily deemed saturation level, will the whole core saturate?

    Probably something intuitive that everyone knows, but if anyone would like to rid me of my ignorance, I would much appreciate it!

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