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Transmission Coeff of Window Glass vs Wavelength?

  1. Jun 11, 2006 #1
    Does any one know how ordinary window glass behaves at different wavelengths? It obviously passes the optical band, but does it pass ultra violet and infrared wavelengths equally well? How about wavelengths above 1000nm? Below 250nm?
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    Most glasses will transmit UV light very little. That's why you can't get a tan through a window. Below 250 nm, you'll probably see almost no transmission. From the transmission curves listed on http://www.sinclairmfg.com/datasheets/transmission.htm [Broken], it appears that the near infrared transmits reasonably well for most glasses, so 1000 nm light would probably be transmitted. Above 3 or 4 microns, it looks like the transmission coefficients drop off.

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