Transmission Spectrum- Absolute units?

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Homework Statement

In manipulating transmission spectrum data from GaAs and InP I'm told to "Look up the refractive indices of GaAs and InP in the region of  = 1.0 micron, and use these to
correct your experimental data for reflective losses and plot the corrected transmission T’ in
absolute units between lambda = 0.8 and lambda = 1.0 micron." Also Put T' in db units.

The Attempt at a Solution

I understand how to correct for reflection I'm just not sure what he means by absolute units. The transmission is given in percentage and within the range we're working in the percentage is within 0-57%, does he mean to expand this so it goes from 0-100%? Also I'm using Igor pro, will it put T' in decibels for me?

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should say
"in the region of lambda = 1.0 microns"

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