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Traveling information

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    An image is created due to the interaction of photons. The images we see from things like stars and galaxies were created in the past, and are observed at a later time due to the speed of light. In this sense a photon carries information which can be transformed into an image with the correct tool like an eye ball for instance. Will images from an event travel infinitely far into space, as long as the photons from that event are not absorbed or reflected by an object? I find this interesting and thought of a cool quote when I was pondering the question. "The evidence of human evolution may be destroyed here on earth, but its images will forever exist traveling infinitely far into the universe".
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    I just find it really cool how every photon interaction causes an image, and the photons from this image will bounce around the universe like pin balls. The photons will undergo many changes and althought the image may undergo constant distortion, it will always exist.
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