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Homework Help: Triangle and tangent line circle

  1. Jul 9, 2010 #1
    A triangle ABC, where ,<A = 60 degrees. Let O be the inscribed circle of triangle ABC, as shown in the figure. Let D, E, and F be the points at which O is tangent to the sides AB, BC and CA. And let G be the point of intersection of the line segment AE and the circle O. (but AE line not cross point O as a center of circle). Set x=AD

    1.Let ADF be the area of the triangle ADF.Then ADF/(AG.AE)= ?
    2. When BD=4 and CF=2 then BC=? and x satified the equation X^2+Px-Q=0
    Solving this equation, we have AD=R

    I hope some one can help me i have tried it a lot of time but still cant solve it
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    Have you drawn a diagram? Or attach that figure that's refered to in the question.

    Also, could you show your attempts so far?

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