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Homework Help: Triangle Inequality

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    "Use the triangle inequality to prove that:
    [tex]||\vec{a}|| - ||\vec{b}|| \le ||\vec{a} - \vec{b}||[/tex]"

    I can start from that expression and prove it true using the Cauchy-Shwarz inequality but I don't think that's what's asked. Any hints?
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    Do they mean the following triangle inequality:

    [tex]||\vec{a}|| + ||\vec{b}|| \le ||\vec{a} + \vec{b}||[/tex]

    because it can be proved from that by picking a and b correctly.
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    Yeah but it should be ||a|| + ||b|| >= ||a + b||
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    Start with
    [tex]||\vec{u} + \vec{v}|| - ||\vec{v}|| \le ||\vec{u}||[/tex]

    and choose

    [tex]\vec{u} + \vec{v} = \vec{a}[/tex]

    The rest should be pretty self evident after that.
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    Right, sorry. So you got the answer?
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    I got it but how do I justify saying that?
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