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Trip to Istanbul this November!

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    So my girlfriend and I are spontaneously heading to Istanbul near Thanksgiving. Our hotel is near Taksim Square (new city part). I figured PF is quite well-traveled and was hoping to get some ideas for things to do/places to see as well as any traveler-tips.

    Her brother's girlfriend is from Istanbul, so she has given us some ideas but its always good to hear things from fellow travelers rather than a local. (Obviously both are good, but locals don't stay in most of the hotels, eat at the touristy restaurants, etc).

    If anyone has been I'd love to hear it! We're staying for about a week. We're both about 30 yrs old, so walking everywhere is fine.

    I know there are a lot of travel guides online (ive read a ton) but I value your opinion too!

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    You've probably heard this already, and it applies to anywhere on the European/Asian continents, but guard your valuables from pick pockets at all times, especially in busy places like shopping areas and especially if you have bags, backpacks, or purses.

    Even unsuspecting well dressed men in business suits will act as distractions so that their accomplice can steal from you. They tried that strategy on me on an escalator once, where the well dressed person got unusually close behind me to where I couldn't move well, and he bumped me a few times to lessen my tolerance so that I wouldn't suspect anything. His accomplice, dressed entirely different, followed him quickly behind to get on too. Then I heard the slow zipping of my backpack (i have really good hearing) and I felt a constant pressure against my back (again to distract from his hands going inside) and so I turned around.

    They both looked really guilty and I saw my backpack hanging open so I gave them a dirty look. I turned sideways so my back was not facing them, and they both looked up into the air like they were minding their own business and then swiftly walked off in different directions when we got to the bottom. I looked in my backpack and could see it hanging open, but nothing was missing. It was only then that I put it all together of what just happened and could see that it was a very coordinated strategy on their part where they timed everything after spotting me approach the escalator.
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    I was in Istanbul three years ago. It is a fantastic city with wonderful things to see. There isn't a shortage of attractions. I don't really have any suggestions other than to make time to just walk around and get lost.
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    Haven't been to Instanbul (but hopefully one day). I have done a good amount of traveling and I highly recommend the lonely planet guide I've found them to be the best. I did see on the travel channel these travertine hot springs in Turkey, I don't think it's near Instanbul but might it could be a fun excursion. Have an amazing trip!
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