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Trouble Making a Decision

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    So I've heard back from all of my colleges, and I have it narrowed down to two colleges: Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Miami. I'm planning on majoring in Physics and then continuing on the grad school for it, but I'm having a little trouble choosing between the two. I know Georgia tech has a better math/science program than University of Miami (at least from what I've read), but the UMiami program seems pretty good, too. I like UMiami as a school better than G Tech, but I'm more interested in the physics program at G Tech than at UMiami. I'm going to visit the schools in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that will help with my decision, but I was wondering if I should base my decision more on the school itself or on the reputation of the program. Would the reputation of the program have a huge impact on my future (grad school acceptance, mainly), or should I just go to the school that I feel I'd be most comfortable at and wait until graduate school to go to a college with a good program?
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    Definitely wait until you visit to make a choice. I am at Georgia Tech and it was my LAST choice before I did an overnight visit here (and if it didn't mean that I got out of a day of school I probably wouldn't have done the visit at all). After the overnight visit though GT became my FIRST choice and I couldn't be happier here.

    From what I've read, where you did your undergrad doesn't really affect graduate admissions that much. However, keep in mind that if you pick GT the average GPA here is lower than most other schools. I think its because 90% of us are hard science or engineering majors which have a lower GPA almost as a rule, but I've never done any kind of statistical analysis on it.
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    Such a small amount of people major in physics at UM, but there is a large staff and a nice building for them. Definitely come visit and talk to some professors, they are very open for students
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    Ah thank you so much for the help I appreciate it.
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