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Complaint Troubling forum rules

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  1. May 20, 2012 #1
    after checking the box to be able to post i have to say that i do not agree to the rules of this forum and i stand against such rules in the most strongly terms.
    i came to this forum after i searched something related to 2012. i discovered that the thread was locked and decided to contact an admin regarding that. then i also saw the forum rules. i have to wonder if humanity have learned anything from history. maybe its time for the admins of this site to stray into the realm of history and see that the rules set in this forum are really similar to the rules that prevented many thinkers throughout the ages to theorize and make discoveries -i wonder if the admins have heard of the inquisition? i wonder if they are just trying to follow its rules against science itself or they just ignore the parallels? when a controller organization or individual start banning certain theories such is starting to be dogmatic and unscientific, perpetuating persecution against free minded scientists and individuals. how are discoveries to be made if established science is not challenged? how errors in it are going to be corrected if its not challenged? i strongly suggest to the rule setters to consult an expert on the inquisition to probe the rules for this forum and to read the time period of the scientific revolution and the trials the inquisition made against scientists with novel theories challenging established science. it perplexes and mesmerizes me the rules of this forum as unscientific, dogmatic and an insult to great thinkers like galileo and newton.

    thank you for your attention.
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    So don't post here, you don't have to.

    Thank you.
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    You seem to have missed the point of this forum, a common mistake. Whilst it is flattering to assume that we represent some authority over the scientific community we actually aren't, our banning personal theories does nothing to stop someone developing and publishing that theory in peer reviewed journals (which incidentally would give it the status necessary to be discussed here).

    The purpose of this site it to teach and discuss peer-reviewed, mainstream science. That is all. We may never be able to say "that paradigm altering theory was party developed here" but that's a price we're willing to pay from preventing discussions that detract from out stated purpose.

    One final point you seem to have confused our banning of personal theories as some sort of blanket statement on our part that all these theories are wrong. This is a fallacy, it could very well be that there are personal theories out there just waiting to revolutionise their field but that doesn't change the fact that this is not the place for them.
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    Put him on the rack!
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    But our forum does not prevent you from developing your ideas and getting them published in a scientific journal. We simply don't allow your ideas to be posted here, at this one out of many internet venues, until they are published in a qualified journal. We do not try to put you in jail or apply any physical harm to you. So this comparison of our forum to the inquisition is quite unwarranted.
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