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TV Researcher needs help w/ electromagnet

  1. Feb 1, 2008 #1

    I'm a researcher for a TV production company, and I'm trying hammer out a basic idea - perhaps members of this forum could enlighten me a bit, as my science knowledge is a bit weak...

    How powerful of an electromagnet could I create with an iron manhole cover, wrapped with rather thick wire and a (or a few) car battery(ies)?

    Is there a next step up in powering a magnet like this without tapping into the power grid?

    This being TV and all, the classic D battery & nail setup won't work. I have visions of a making a DIY junkyard magnet, making things like monkey wrenchs leap. I could very easily be misunderstanding this concept, though....

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  3. Feb 1, 2008 #2
    Of course, you ought to just try it. That's the best way. But, frankly, it is unlikely to do what you want.
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