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Twin 120v breakout from 240v receptacle

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    Hello, I live in the United States,
    I have an unused 20 amp 240v outlet that has two hot legs of 120v and a ground. Id like to make use of this outlet to create two 120 v outlets. I cannot access the main breaker of this panel, and am wondering if I were to make a plug with two female leads supplying one of these 120v legs to each, would this work? I would common the ground for each female plug.
    I realize that this would leave me without a proper neutral, and I dont want to bridge the two, rather create two plugs that could run two heaters, that are un polarized.
    In short- female plug with pigtails using 1 hot leg and ground for the neutral, only plugging non polarized 2 prong, low-wattage things into them. Would this be problematic? What could i do to make use of this plug, besides converting my heater to 220v, which seems about as shady...
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Please consult a licensed electrician. The work will generally need to be inspected by your city's building inspectors, and signed off after the electrician is done.
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