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Two questions about SUSY [Greene's book]

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    Greene in "The Fabric of the Cosmos" discusses supersymmetry. On pages 264-5, he states:"...before the Higgs ocean formed, not only did all force particles have identical masses - zero - but the photons and W and Z particles were identical in essentially every other way also as well...At high enough temperatures, that is, the Higgs ocean evaporates; as it does, the disctinction between the weak and electromagnetic forces evaporates, too." My first question is: If the temperature is high enough, will the distinction between gravity and the other forces also evaporate?

    On page 355, he states:"...Ramond's research...revealed a perfect balance - a novel symmetry - between the vibrational patterns with different spins in the modified string theory. These researchers found that the new vibrational patterns arose in pairs whose spin values differed by half a unit. For every vibrational pattern with spin-1/2, there was an associated vibrational pattern with spin-0. For every vibrational pattern of spin-1, there was an associated vibrational pattern of spin-1/2, and so on." My second question is: The graviton is presumed to have a vibrational pattern with spin-2. Has the associated vibrational pattern with spin-3/2 been derived from string theory?
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    Yes, I think if you believe in unification then this is the correct picture.

    Yes---string theory contains the spin-3/2 particle, called the gravitino.
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