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Types of neutrinos

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    The poster attached is about standard model.As you can see ,The neutrinos are categorized as lightest neutrino,middle neutrino and the heviest neutrino.In a part about neutrinos,It is explained that the electron neutrino,muon neutrino and tau neutrino are different mixtures of these three types.But I can find nothing like that in the internet and thats the only place I see such a thing.I just wanted to know if anyone knows sth about that and exlpains a bit more.

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    Isn't it a bit unorthodox to display the neutrinos as mass states instead of flavour states? Especially since the other leptons are labeled by flavour (sure there's no known oscillation here, but still it seems a bit strange to mix flavour and mass states in the lepton table).
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