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UK M.Sc.

  1. Jul 21, 2009 #1
    I am looking to complete a 1 year M.Sc. in the UK as a US student, how feasible is this, assuming I can come up with the funds needed? When I get there would my wife be able to work full-time while I am studying? Also, are there any US programs that offer an M.Sc. in a year instead of two.
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    Assuming you have a Bsc in physics already 1 year is the standard time taken to complete a masters yes, however I'm unsure as to the US/UK switch in terms of level of understanding.

    If you want to do a whole bsc & masters in a year, I'm not sure that's possible...
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    Well, I already will have my B.Sc. so I guess my question is more specific as to coming over with a US B.Sc.
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    You really need to start reading visa information given by the home office for questions like this: they know a lot more than people on a forum! http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/howtoapply/infs/inf5students#15932676 [Broken]
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    You are right Cristo, I found that she would indeed be able to work if I get accepted for a 12 month period. As I am thinking you are a UK national, I further inquire;

    does my B.Sc. in the US provide the background needed for a UK M.Sc?

    Are there any tests like the GRE for the UK?

    What is the rough American analog of a 2:1 degree in the UK GPA-wise?

    Does going to the UK to take a Master seem like a reasonable thing to do?

    I'm not so worried about how my master's from the UK will be viewed in the US as I am more looking toward moving to the UK or Europe afterward, by either getting a Tier 1 Visa or my pending EU citizenship.

    Also, if any American know about obtaining postgrad funding for foreign studies, I would appreciate any info!

    Thanks as always!
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