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Uknown object on circuit board

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    I took apart a Staples Easy button toy to see how it worked. Its very simple; attached to a circuit board there is a resistor, a capacitor, a button, and a circular black object that looks like a glob. The board is attached to a speaker and battery. So, something is telling this toy to say "That was Easy" when the circuit is closed, so im guessing there is a microchip embedded in that odd circular black object. Is this indeed the chip, and if so does anyone know what this black thing/technique is called? Below is a link to a picture of the circuitboard. The object in question is at the top left.

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    The Blob is a chip where they keep the digital recording of the voice that you here when the button is pressed.

    The technique is called "Chip On Board"
    Where the IC is attached direct to a circuit board and wires from the IC connect directly to PCB. The chip is then covered with black epoxy. They do this because it is cheap.
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    That's just a chip or an intergrated circuit. Not much to learn how it works these days, heh.
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