Understand the mathematics of particle physics?

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hello everybody.. i'm new member of this forum.. i would like to know what kind of mathematics knowledge is required to understand the mathematics of particle physics? because, i can't understand any math done in classical physics, particle pysics. i interpret particle physics as the study of sub atomic particles by colliding them with other particles using accelerators. i first got introduced to it when i read the article in the papar about the 2004, physics nobel prize winners, and i found it interesting. i further made particle physics the ambition in my life when i read the words said by Dr. Leon Lederman that, it is in this field of physics we try hard to probe the origin of our lives, who we are and how we came about on this earth, and so on. i seriously felt the urge to find out more about our origin. i would be grateful if anyone help me understand this subject right from the scratch.
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Have you done calculus yet?
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in order to understand particle physicsin all of its glory your oing to have to master multivariable calculus, differential equations, partial differential equations, linear algebra, group theory, and complex variables (only a wee bit though)

however your also goin to need knowlegde of classical physics and basic quantum mechanics.

so for starters

mechanics, E&M, and lots of quantum mechanics (at my school its effectively 2 years of quantum mechanics to build up to the field theory courses).